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ByteSeq offers a wide range of cyber security consulting and services. Whether you are looking to enhance your overall security posture, security for your personal devices, or simply improve on the best practices already in place, ByteSeq can help.

Netlux Total Security
Anti-Ransomware Suite

Protection from all Ransomwares

We defend your organization against sophisticated fifth-generation attacks that can bypass conventional network and endpoint solutions. New and improved ransomware floods the internet daily, but we keep on upgrading our software accordingly.

Anti Ransomware
VPN & Ad Blocker

Your Privacy
is guaranteed

The ByteSeq VPN (Win) & Ad-Blocker (Android) can zap out ads before they even appear on your screen. Limit companies snooping on your actions with BS VPN. We provide powerful tools that actually keep you private. Features like built-in VPN, automatic ad blocker, total data encryption.