VPN Secure Connection & Ad-Blocker

Do those annoying ads and pop-ups on the internet drive you crazy ?
Online ads usually clutter large parts of websites, slow downloading speeds, might be sources
of malware make your browsing experience way worse. BS VPN with Ad-Blocking will keep you secure
by preventing third-party ad domains from installing trackers on your device. We block the trackers
and the VPN prevents the ad domains from installing malicious trackers or malware on your device.


Your Private
Information In Jeopardy

The internet is getting clogged with annoying ads, trackers, and junk of every type. Ads on the web have caught the attention of cybercriminals who increasingly use them as virus and spyware-spreading channels. Their goal? Damage your data, steal your personal details or even control your computer remotely. Clicking pop-up ads redirect you to sites that can infect your computer and system files. Pop-ups induce irritation as they come unsolicited, obscuring the focus of your attention and offer irrelevant information.

  • Malvetrsing

    A malware or adware may be installed on your computer while viewing an ad. You may be forcefully redirected to a malicious site which may be capable of downloading malicious files on your device without you even knowing about it.

  • Spam

    Email and instant messaging have become increasingly favored channels among spyware villains for spreading malicious code. A hacker can abstract your contact details like Email Id, Mobile Number throgh ads. Such details are sold by hackers to companies thus increasing the number of spam emails in your Inbox.

  • Aggravating Design

    The ads and popus nowadays are smartly designed to block your "Back" button, or keep redirecting when you try to close them, make you phone vibrate continuously, making it irritating and helps it in buying time to affect your device.


VPN & Ad-Blocker

The ByteSeq VPN (Win) & Ad-Blocker (Android) can zap out ads before they even appear on your screen. Limit companies snooping on your actions with BS VPN. We provide powerful tools that actually keep you private. Features like built-in VPN, automatic ad blocker, total data encryption. Our advanced technology blocks websites known to host phishing or malware scams and takes care of irritating ads that can slow down your browsing, streaming, and torrenting .BS VPN has a built-in ad blocker hides unwanted pop-up ads, auto-play video ads, and other advertising material as soon as you connect to a website. We also protect your device from participating in DDoS attacks, even if it’s already infected by malware .

24/7 Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Services


BS VPN encrypt`s your data traffic and act as a protected tunnel between the client and server hiding where your traffic came from and where it’s headed. All the data passing through the tunnel won’t be visible to hackers or your Internet Service Provider and they won’t be able to access your information and the activities you do online. Anyone trying to steal your data will see only encrypted data. We protect your data including instant messages, e-mail communications, downloads, login information from sites you visit.

Assess and Improve Operational and Security Outcomes

Protection On
Public Networks

BS VPN is the most secure option to surf on public networks. A hackers' ultimate objective is to get connected to a network where multiple users are already connected, making public Wi-Fi networks excellent targets. Another risk to being on the same network as the hacker is the ability to file share. If you have file-sharing enabled while you’re on the network, the hacker can send you files infected with malware. We help you keep your information secure when logged on to public networks.BS VPN connection is private, and can make any public network private for our users.

24/7 Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Services

Accessibility & Speed

For a normal internet user, there can be many restrictions as to what they can and cannot access online due to censorship and geographical instructions. BS VPN changes your geographical location, bypassing these different restrictions. Even if you want to use Torrents anonymously or even if they are banned in your country you can access them after using BS VPN because of the encryption of traffic and the rerouteing of IP address enabling you to download anonymously.


VPN & Ad-Blocker

  • Safety

    BS VPN & Ad blocker will help you remove online ads and block the opportunity for malvertising attacks. We can protect every browser, and every app on your device at once.

  • Data Encryption

    We encrypt your requests before they are sent to the server, the requested data is encrypted again when the server receives it from the internet before it’s sent back to your device.

  • No-Logs Policy

    Your privacy is a right, not a privilege. We don’t monitor or log anything you do when you connect. We have a strict no-logs policy

  • Boost Browsing Speed

    Ads and pop-ups are not only irritating, but they also slow down your internet connection. With BS VPN, pages you visit load faster.