Data Security

Just as most people have multiple locks or alarm systems on their homes and buildings,
IT organizations need to think the same way about protecting their data. Think about the valuable
data your company collects, stores, and manages. Information like financial or payment data,
intellectual property, and sensitive personal information about your employees and customers are
a goldmine for hackers. ByteSeq Data Security blocks viruses and malware, keeps your data secure &
protects your digital assets from hackers.


Data Corruption &
Unauthorised Access

Hackers are everywhere and nothing is secure, they are coming up with advenced methods to evade the safety and security walls of the companies. Organizations are in need of greater defenses as hackers and malware become more and more sophisticated. If a data breach occurs, not only is there a chance for this information to be stolen by another entity, but data could also be altered in a way that drastically damages your company’s operational reliability. It causes potentially devastating financial repercussions, most of these are in the form of hidden costs that can continue to impact your business for a few years after the incident.

  • Weakened Client Trust

    Naturally, customers don’t like hearing that their personal information has been compromised. After a cyber attack occurs to a company they originally trusted to keep their data safe, consumers may decide to discontinue their business and seek services elsewhere, tarnishing not only the reputation of the attacked company but also reducing its bottom line.

  • Revenue Loss

    A non-functional website may cause potential customers to explore other options, any IT system downtime can lead to work disruptions. Surface-level costs are just the beginning. There are many hidden costs related to breaches, legal fees may alos come into play. Also, you may need to spend more on investigations, insurance premium hikes.

  • Loss Of Intellectual Property

    Loss of revenue and damaged reputation can be catastrophic. Hackers will also target designs, strategies, and blueprints. Losing intellectual property can impact the competitiveness of your business. Some rivals would not hesitate to take advantage of stolen information.


Data Security (BDS)

The ByteSeq Data security software secures and encrypts data, allowing only approved parties access to sensitive information about their business, employees, and customers. We allow administrators and management to create access control and perform security tests to audit existing security. Database security is designed to keep restricted parties from accessing company databases and ensure data is protected by various security methods to prevent unauthorized access and distribution for sensitive information

24/7 Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Services

Regular Automatic Backup
& Cloud Backup

BDS provides a disaster recovery solution & can also be used for workload migration . It facilitates replication and backup of data protection, restore of running applications, open files, Cloud-to-cloud backup for SaaS services as well as Local Backup options with zero business downtime. We secure your confidential data, provide with a back up scheduler so that you can manage the Automatic-Backup times and frequency.

Assess and Improve Operational and Security Outcomes

Quick Restoration

BDS solutions enable are designed to enable fast restores that minimise business downtime. We use snapshots and virtualisation technologies to create and store bootable virtual server images on local backup as well as cloud. BDS recovery times are as low as several minutes. BDS provides you with various restore options like File Restore, volume Restore, Bare Mental Restore, Local & Cloud Virtualisation. Snapshots do not require coversion process thus greatly increasing restoration speed and sfficiecy.

24/7 Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Services

Backup Management
& Support

Our backup management has various options like Automation of Routine Tasks, Backup Verification, Integration with other applications. We provide you with 24/7 support. BDS is a true all in one data backup and recovery tool allowing you to address any recovery scenario and meet Recovery Time Objectives (RTO).

Assess and Improve Operational and Security Outcomes

Data Encryption

We use it for confidentiality and drive key security initiatives including authentication, integrity, and non-repudiation. BDS automatically warns, blocks, and encrypts sensitive information based on message content and context. We secure the data by auto-encryption even after it leaves the organization. Secure and encripted emails allowing your employees to continue to work and collaborate through email while our tools proactively tag, classify, and encrypt sensitive data in emails and attachments.


Data Security

  • Data Masking

    Data is obscured by random characters or other datum covering classified data points from those who don’t have permission to view it thus protecting sensitive, private information.

  • Data Loss Prevention

    We protect information by preventing users from moving information outside the network. It includes monitoring, filtering, reporting, analysis, anomaly detection thus blocking insider threats.

  • Secure Data Transport

    Data Encryption using cryptographically strong encryption tools when it is transmitted across networks to protect against eavesdropping of network traffic by unauthorized users. BDS supports all Data Types.

  • Access Management

    We provide a security discipline that ensures right people have appropriate access to the organization’s critical systems and resources at the right time. It is based on 3 pillars Identification, Authentication & Authorisation.