What ByteSeq Offers?

Take Back Control of Your IT Infrastructure
Helping you defend against Cyber threat with comprehensive Cyber Security Assurance Services


Chaos in the Enterprise

What kept your endpoints safe in the past may not today. Too many tools deployed creates complexity. Poor user behaviors lead to a downward spiral in endpoint hygiene. And ever changing and more sophisticated threats cause an avalanche of issues and alerts. And trying to respond with no visibility into the problems creates chaos.

Chaos in the Enterprise

Comprehensive range of testing

ByteSeq is a leader in the provision of Penetration Testing and we offer a comprehensive range of testing and assurance services that progressively help you to measure risk, reduce your exposure and advise on how to best secure your assets.

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Consulting services and Training

The wealth of knowledge our team has built is available in a suite of consulting services from strategic insight, compliance and legislative consultancy to workshops and training. We believe in transferring knowledge to our clients to help combat cyber threats.

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Incident and Proactive Response

We provide emergency Incident Response capabilities to organisations that have experienced a security breach and we provide proactive cyber response services designed to help you to prepare for and minimise the impact of an attack.

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